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Camp Sport - No. 4 on the map, ~ 150 m from agility field

Camp sport covers an area of 4 hectares with the possibility of electricity supply (220 V). Roughly one half of the camp is situated in the grove, which guarantees a daylong shade. Bathroom facilities, a kitchen and a laundry are also provided in the camp. We offer a pitch for ball-games with a volleyball net too. Table tennis can be played on concrete tables. There is a place for barbecue, and a buffet with the range of basic food right in the camp. Dogs are allowed in our camp. You can feel free to use our receptionist´s services 24 hours a day. If you don´t travel with your own tent or caravan, you can book your accommodation in one of our huts.

price list

tel: (+420) 571 648 011; (+420) 731 154 262

fax: (+420) 571 648 012

Hotel Horal - No. 6 on the map, ~ 200 m from agility field


Hotel Eroplán - No. 7 on the map
Bungalovy Eroplán - No. 8 on the map


Hotel Relax - No. 18 on the map


Hotel Forman - No. 19 on the map


Koliba pod Horů - ~ 2 km


RS Bučina - ~ 2 km


Pension Hradisko

Hotel Horal - No. 6 on the map, ~ 200 m from agility field