Entry fee


Starting list is limited 


Non-accepted teams will be filled into the waiting list.  
Those teams will be filled into free places of starting list in according to their registration date and time. These free places must not be taken by czech or foreign competitors. This will be done till 14 days after deadline.




dog in the category LA, MA, SA - 80EUR


Registration is valid only when payment is received.

Registration only for one day or for exams is not possible.

Other dogs of one handler and veterans have no discount.


You are requested to pay the entry fee only by bank transfer!
After your registration the special email with all information for payment will be sent to you.
Please, this email is not sent automatically, it could take few days.


Payment information


  • in the case you pay your starting fee in time when the capacity is full, we will send all your money back on your account
  • in the case that competitor (dog handler) desides not to compete, we kindly ask to let us know about this immediately. Please, be aware, that the competitor is obligated to find an alternate competitor
  • in the case that we obtain an incorrect amount of money (starting fee), we will send it back and give you a notice about this mistake. After we recieve correct fee we will post your team in starting list
  • in the case you pay for more competitors, send us a detailed payment list via by email, please


Entry fee is not refundable.